Breaking News – Voting Extended to April 16th.    To ensure that every member – and especially that every newly certified member – has the opportunity to vote, voting has been extended to 5 pm ET on Thursday, April 16, 2015.  Electronic voting will close at that time and all paper ballots must be received in the office to be counted.  Those members who attend the Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 18th will be able to vote in person, provided they have not previously voted online or by paper ballot.

Please take a moment to review this important information before voting.

Voting Logins:   To access the voting site, you will need to enter your email address and a password.  This password is your last name (as it appears on your member profile at plus your member identification number, eg. Smith123456.  The first letter of your last name must be capitalized, and there are no spaces between your name and number.  If your last name in your profile contains a space, then include that space when logging in, eg. Smith Jones123456 or O Malley654321.

  • You must be an active, Certified member in good standing or a Lifetime Honorary member in good standing to vote.
  • You may vote one time in each discipline in which you are certified (the online ballot is customized to include all races in which you are eligible to vote).
  • You must vote within your section.  If you live within the division, your section is where you have your legal address.  If you live outside the division but work inside the division, your section is where the snowsport school you are affiliated with is located.  The online ballot identifies your section automatically.
  • We encourage you to vote online – it’s quick, private, accurate, and makes the best use of division resources.  If you are unable or prefer not to vote online, please contact the Central Division office at 231-335-4627 or to request that a paper ballot be mailed to you

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order on the voting site and on the paper ballot.