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Skate to Ski/Skate to Ride
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Date: Sunday, October 6, 2019 from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Perfect North Slopes

Cost: Variable, please see description for details.

Education Hours Granted: Variable, please see description for details.

Tags: Multi-Discipline, Summer

Prerequsities: None

Lift Tickets: Fully supported by Host Area

Registration Deadline: Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 12:00 am

Online Registration: CLOSED

Offline Registration: Late registration may be available, subject to group size restrictions. To inquire, please call or email us at or 231-335-4627 to request entry (late registration fees apply).

What if a skill or movement in skiing or riding was optional, nuanced, or elusive-yet in another sport the same skill was primary, inherent, obvious? It would make sense to take up that other sport, if for no other reason than to acquire the elusive skill.

For instance, we often reference bicycling in ski lessons- because the sensation of pedaling is common and easily recalled. One foot presses, the other doesn't. On skis, this sensation is optional, for some people elusive, even nuanced. On a bike, it's just pedaling.

Inline Skates (e.g. Rollerblades) offer their own set of nuanced skills that can be isolated and applied to your alpine skiing. Besides the obvious "skating" aspect, inline skates draw attention to counter, inside and outside foot activity, and dynamic balance. Skaters are able to focus upon sensations at the ankle, reliance upon leverage is nearly eliminated, and as a result, stance is highlighted.

Similarly, Snowboarders who also longboard (skateboard) describe how their longboard helps them distinguish between the turn effects through inclination and angulation, and how use the two tactically. Skaters move within the rider compartment to effect both turn radius and flow, and they learn to pump the board to direct, manage, and maintain energy.

This one-day course brings skaters together (with a bit of slack-lining thrown in to keep it interesting), focusing on the identification and transference of skills from sport-to-sport. Participants will not learn to skate, but rather identify the most significant takeaways from the experience. Participants may stay on one piece of equipment or switch over the course of the clinic.

Terrain- Varying from flat to moderate pavement, with cones and agility-training obstacles.

Intensity will vary by participant from moderate to vigorous.

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6 CEU's $85

3 CEU's $45 IMPORTANT: All events are subject to our normal registration and change/cancellation policy. Fees may apply if registering, cancelling, or changing your registration less than two weeks prior to the event.

AM Session from 10am to 1pm
PM Session from 1pm to 4pm

Loaner Longboards may be available, participants should bring their own skates. Members can enjoy discounts on skates and longboards at TheSnowPros.Org

All PSIA/AASI members must follow the PSIA/AASI code of conduct.