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Mountain Bike for Cross Training
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Date: Sunday, October 20, 2019 from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Crystal Mountain, meet at Mountain Adventure Zone

Cost: Variable, please see description for details.

Education Hours Granted: Variable, please see description for details.

Tags: Multi-Discipline, Summer

Prerequsities: None

Registration Deadline: Thursday, October 17, 2019 at 12:00 am

This event has been cancelled.

Participants will meet outside the Mountain Adventure Zone

6 CEU's for All Day ($85)
3 CEU's for Session ($45)

(Non-Members add $25 fee)

What: This one-day course brings mountain bikers together to focus on the identification and transference of skills from sport-to-sport. We'll explore the symbiosis between sports, emphasizing terrain management strategies and movements, and the connection to skiing fundamentals. Mountain Biking is a great off-season complement to your alpine skiing, just from a fitness perspective. In this course, participants will focus on less apparent skill exchanges. For instance, Visual acuity- in relation to how we read and anticipate terrain, and the corresponding movements we might make. This is not an intro to mountain biking course, rather, a course connecting similar movements and concepts between mountain biking and alpine skiing.

Why: We often reference bicycling in ski lessons- because the sensation of pedaling is common and easily recalled for a vast majority of our students. However, the connections go even deeper than longer vs. shorter legs. Mountain Biking on single track trails offers excellent opportunities to illustrate and enhance our understanding of skiing's fundamentals. Mountain Biking is a sport of dynamic balance, just as with skiing-- and also as with skiing, some intuitive mechanics employed in cycling can send you down the wrong path. Both sports rely upon surfaces, conditions, and obstacles. Both benefit from skillful anticipation and application of outside and internal forces, allowing us to safely and confidently move forward. Similar as the two sports are, Mountain Biking brings a more intensive "heads up, eyes forward" experience to the participant, while slowing other skill applications suitably for enhanced body-awareness.

How: Using various segments of terrain to facilitate learning, participants will apply the five fundamentals of skiing to mountain-bike scenarios. The clinic will include a brief introduction, bike maintenance, and fit basics, along with tasks, challenges, and terrain features designed to change your understanding of how we move. The clinic will consist of two separate rides with clinic and meal times between the rides. Each ride will be 5-8 miles on moderate terrain with some complex, but optional features. Participation in both rides and clinic will be required to obtain credit. Intensity will vary by participant from moderate to vigorous.

Time: We will meet at the trailhead starting at 8:30 am and ready to roll with our bikes at 9 am, The clinic will conclude around 2 pm (earlier depending on the groups riding pace).

What do you need: Helmet, Mountain bike in good mechanical order, water, lunch, snacks, weather-appropriate clothing, lawn-chair, and notebook for classroom portions.

Experience Level needed: If you are comfortable riding over small roots, rock gardens, or down variable terrain that is found on most blue runs in a designated mountain bike area, you are ready to explore. Varying from flat to moderate single-track trail. Man-made and natural obstacles will be used for training.

All PSIA/AASI members must follow the PSIA/AASI code of conduct.