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Central's Senior Specialist 1
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Dates: Saturday, November 23, 2019 - Sunday, November 24, 2019 from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm (2 Days)

Location: Wild Mountain, meet at Eagles Nest (2nd Floor)

Cost: $195.00

Education Hours Granted: 12

Tags: Exam, Level 1, Senior Teaching

Prerequsities: Current PSIA/AASI Membership; Level 1 Certification (Any Discipline)

Registration Deadline: Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 12:00 am

Online Registration: CLOSED

Offline Registration: Late registration may be available, subject to group size restrictions. To inquire, please call or email us at or 231-335-4627 to request entry (late registration fees apply).

Participants will meet at the Eagles Nest Grill on the second floor in the Chalet. Look for the PSIA AASI Central reserved Tables

Central's Senior Specialist 1

(2-Day - 12 CEU - $195)

Please note: The Central Online Senior Specialist Workbook must be successfully completed before registering for the On-Snow portion of the course.

For more information regarding Central's Senior Specialist please click Here

What: A two-day (12 CEU) course open to any Level I or higher PSIA AASI Central member. The Senior Specialist program will present instructors with educational training to gain the tools and knowledge necessary to deliver high-quality lessons for the senior skier.

How: The Central Senior Specialist 1 course encourages participants to apply the information included in the PSIA-NW Senior Specialist Manual, their professional knowledge, as well as an understanding of the fundamentals- both in the completion of the workbook and during the on-snow portion. The Central Senior Specialist On-Snow portion will add substance to the concepts and content introduced in the workbook. The On-Snow portion will use real-time & hypothetical scenarios to apply standard exercises, modified in both their approach and execution relative to the senior student. Participants will test the principles of senior-specific models, the teaching cycle, theoretical and applied professional knowledge to these scenarios. The practical portion will address how presentation framing & phrasing differs by the student; seniors are no exception.

IMPORTANT: All events are subject to our normal registration and change/cancellation policy. Fees may apply if registering, canceling, or changing your registration less than two weeks before the event.

All PSIA/AASI members must follow the PSIA/AASI code of conduct.