PSIA-C Divisional Nomination for the 2020 National Team Selection

The PSIA-AASI National Team Selection process helps PSIA-AASI select the nation’s best instructors to represent the association at the highest level. In April 2020, the National Team selection will take place in Breckenridge Colorado.


A Divisional nomination is a requirement for the National application process, allowing each division to play an active role in the selection of the National Team. Central Division candidates must be nominated through the Central Division Selection process.  Divisional Candidates must be level 3 certified and skilled in training, assessment and evaluation of the PSIA National Standards and learning outcomes.  Candidates should be able to provide a broad, diverse technical knowledge of skiing, teaching, professional development and learning theory relevant to snowsports instruction.


Successful candidates will receive a letter of nomination. This will allow Central Division to focus our efforts and provide additional training opportunities for those of you representing the Central Division next spring.


The first step in this process will take place this coming November at Breckenridge CO with the Central Division Selection.



Central Candidates must submit the following on or before September 9, 2019*


  1. Resume (two pages maximum): Include professional key milestones (e.g. presentations, authored materials, relevant activities outside of ski or snowboard teaching, foreign language competencies, special credentials, etc.)


  1. Cover Letter (≤ 1000 words): Share how your contributions to, and experience in, the division will benefit the team and association as a whole.


  1. Article Suitable for Publication (2-page maximum): Write an article with emphasis on both short-term and long-term objectives relative to fueling the growth of the snowsports industry. We each have a different lens through which we see and experience our industry. This article can be rooted in customer service, customer experience, biomechanics, skiing performance or any other topic you feel strongly about. This should be an original, not previously published/used, article.


  1. Introduction Video: Video should include an introduction of who you are (your name, where you work, background/contributions in the division, etc) and why you want an endorsement to the National Team Selection. Additionally, the video should include stills and/or video segments of your skiing.  The video should be no more than 5mn long.  Please include a YouTube link to the video with your application.      


  1. Packets should be submitted to (Brad Miller), (Ken Herman), (Justin Soine), (Matt Clements) electronically



*You will be notified of an invitation to participate by Oct 1, 2019



Central Division Selection Dates: Nov 10th/11th/12th – Breckenridge, CO*


November 10th – Indoor Presentations (5:00PM – 7:00PM)

5 – 7 minute prepared presentation. 

  • Topic to address any relevant aspect of snowsports education technique, teaching, training, equipment, certification, industry trends, etc.
  • Handouts, charts, whiteboard, and/or props are fine
  • NO TECHNOLOGY (computers or projectors)
  • Followed by Q and A from selectors regarding your topic, your article, your reason for applying for the National Team Selection or any other questions the selectors find relevant



November 11th – On Snow Skiing

Alpine: candidates will perform 8-10 scored tasks

Example Alpine Tasks:

  • Any Level 1, 2 or 3 Highlighted or Blended Task
  • On/Off-Piste Medium Radius – no poles
  • On/Off-Piste Hour-Glass (Long turns to Short turns to Long turns)
  • Bumps
  • Medium Radius Bumps
  • Bumps with no poles
  • 5 Dynamic Medium Radius / 5 Dynamic Short Radius / Repeat
  • Dynamic Short Radius Turns through a Long Turn Radius Path


Movement Analysis:

Candidates will observe one of their peers skiing one of the selected tasks. The candidate will provide feedback directly to the skier, followed by Q&A from the selectors. This process will be used to evaluate technical knowledge and understanding as well as the essential people skills required to effectively communicate in the learning environment.


November 12th – Group Facilitation

Candidates will present a prepared ski clinic on snow, about 45 minutes in length.  The clinic topic should focus on some technical aspect of skiing.  The utilization of the learning connection will be a key component of the evaluation process. 


Topic could include: Tactical Choices Based on the Environment, Fundamental Mechanics of Skiing, Children’s Based Teaching, Senior’s Based Teaching, or simply Performance Skiing.