Does every Central Division member pay the same amount in dues?

Registered and certified members start with the same amount, but there are some discounts that may apply:

Student discount:  Students between the ages of 15 and 23 who provide proof of their student status receive a $20 discount off their dues ($10 off their national dues and $10 off their Central Division dues)

Senior discount:  Members age 65 or older receive a $10 discount off their Central Division dues.  At age 75, PSIA-AASI provides a $10 discount off national dues.

Active Military:  Both the Central Division and PSIA-AASI provide a 100% discount (waiver) of dues for those on active military duty.  This also applies to those in the Peace Corps.

Alumni members pay reduced dues of $25 to PSIA-AASI national and $25 to PSIA-AASI Central Division.

Lifetime Honorary members have their dues permanently waived.


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