Medium Radius Carved Turns

Activity Description:

High-Performance, linked Medium Radius turns demonstrating strong ski design utilization (maximize carving, minimize skidding).

Why This Activity Will Be Useful:

Medium Radius Carved Turns are exciting and highlight a skier’s ability to maximum ski performance to achieve a turn outcome. The skiing public enjoy watching these turns, and in many cases, strive to be able to ski in this manner.

What the Skis Do (EFFECT):

• Ski edges adjust at similar rate and time to release and engage engages, resulting in carved/nearly carved transitions between turns
• Highest edge angles are present in the shaping phase of the turn. Edge angles decrease in finish phase.
• Skis are bent consistently to shape round, carved arcs without skidding through the shaping phase of the turn
• Turn shape produces consistent speed down slope through turn shape and line
• Both skis show similar high edge angles and uniform reverse camber producing concentric arcs.
• Inside ski shows resultant, appropriate tip lead reflecting a “strong inside half”

How the Body Moves (CAUSE):

• Simultaneous tipping movements at initiation originate in the feet, ankles, and legs.
• Inclination begins in the initiation phase and is increased in the shaping phase of the turn. Inclination decreases in the shaping phase of the turn
• Flexion/extension movements and upper body angulation direct pressure toward the outside ski.
• The body moves forward at turn initiation to engage the shovels of the skis
• Flexion and extension movements manage lateral and fore/aft pressure
• Legs rotate under a stable upper body and compliment tipping movements.

Where:   Blue/Black – Choose a safe low traffic area for this activity.

Learning/Teaching Cues:

• Railroad track activities, including garlands and increasing radius, are excellent training activities to learn the blended dynamic edging movements necessary for the transitions of these turns.
• Practice carved uphill arcs to learn to manage turn shape in a carved arc (vs. park-n-ride)
• Practice with extension, retraction, and with “long/leg, short/leg” to transition between turns